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Well Screen Manufacturer

RENIRE Oil Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of hollow structural sections. Incorporated in 2008, our company offers a wide selection of specialized mediums including the slotted pipe, perforated pipe, external upset oil tubing, wedge wire water screen, wire wrapped well screen, bridge slotted well screen, and the oil casing pipe and coupling. Full customization options are available upon request.

    1. Straight Slotted Pipe
    2. Straight Slotted PipeOur product is free from any sharp edges, and has uniform slots. Due to the anticorrosive treatment, it has a protective layer formed on its surface. Thus, it is durable with excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion. This type of pipe is applicable for preventing sand with particle size greater than 0.3mm. When used to the oil exploitation, it can prevent 99% sand, and decrease the oil pipe maintenance rate.
    1. Keystone Slotted Pipe
    2. Keystone Slotted PipeThe keystone slot design makes the pipe outside slot narrower than its internal slot, thus decreasing the slot block rate. The abrasion caused by the fluid will be cut down as well. Additionally, the keystone slotted pipe comes with outstanding self-clean ability. Inside the pipe, the slot with larger angle helps maintain the unimpeded cavity. In general, the keystone slot is designed with angle of 6°.
    1. Oil Well Perforated Pipe
    2. Oil Well Perforated PipeAll the holes have been polished and inspected. In other words, our pipe is free from any sharp edges, and has smooth surface.
      The anti-corrosion treatment contributes to a long service life. Also, this pipe resists abrasion.
      Our pipe is easy to use. Due to the large diameter, it can be easily installed.
    1. Multi-layer Wire Wrapped Screen
    2. Multi-layer Wire Wrapped ScreenNondestructive welding for the filtering layer contributes to the high strength and excellent damage resistance.
      Especially, the A type multi-layer wire wrapped screen designed with two stainless steel minigroove screen, has reliable sand-prevention performance. The supporting filter screen allows better flowability of the fluid.
    1. Bridge Slotted Screen
    2. Bridge Slotted ScreenThis product can make the speed of groundwater's entering into the screen much slower than any other filtration apparatus, which will avoid sand's entering into screen because of high pressure, thus reduce the abrasion of the pump. Accordingly, the pipe service life will be prolonged.
    1. Oil Casing Pipe
    2. Oil Casing PipeThe oil casing pipe is mainly used in the industries, including oil, natural gas, water supply, thermal power generation, etc. According to the SY/T6194-96 rules, its length ranges from 8 to 13m. Also, we can offer the type with the length of no less than 6m. In addition to numerous types of oil casing pipes, our company offers oil casing couplings and many other related products.
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  • Water Well

    The screen pipe which is made through contour welding the trapezoid wrapping wire onto

    Oil Well

    The oil wells consist of deviated wells, horizontal wells, etc. Most horizontal wells adopt

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